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GUYANA: Agri-Investment Forum – Letter to Editor – By Eusi Kwayana

Dear Editor: — Letter By Eusi Kwayana – Submitted on May 19, 2022

Oily, newly rich Guyana has become a center of assembly for various bodies of state and private officials who wish to justify their activities in economic projects with popular appeal of wealth creation; even though some of them will aggravate the climate crisis in a region already highly vulnerable to climatic crisis.

Some months ago, there was the energy symposium at which the voices of perceptive Guyanese critics were repressed. Yesterday the Agri-Investment Forum opened in our capital city.

Unlike the menace posed by oil exploration and its hazards, agriculture is without a doubt population friendly.  If well planned with popular participation, it can be one of the most beneficial of economic activities.            Continue reading

The Energy Con-Conference – By Eusi Kwayana

The Energy Con-Conference – By Eusi Kwayana

In advertising and promoting the recent Energy Conference in Guyana the Government promotion said among other things, “Meet and Engage with Energy Experts” of global standing. Never since 1595 when Sir Walter Raleigh promoted Guyana as the home of a golden city has Guyana been in such demand among the money vultures that scour the earth.

First, they were the chartered royal companies empowered by European monarchs to take possession of foreign people they had never seen before and their god-given resources, and do with them as they please. India, Africa and the Caribbean as well as North America have all bled from this experience.          Continue reading



This site has been created so that, even when barred from expression elsewhere, I may enjoy the human right to freedom of expression. I am grateful because to deny human beings reasonable freedom of expression is to return them to slavery.

I hope to use this space so generously offered for expressing solidarity and encouragement, not with the high and mighty, but with those of any race or place, gender, age or opinion anywhere who, in my grandmother’s phrase, are being treated like “floor cloth”.

It is my hope that what appears on this site will allow it to develop as one of Guyana’s models of justice, fairness, the priority of means of livelihood and hostility to abuse of power, repression and modern forms of bondage.

(Readers who have a taste for gutter comments, hints at unstated crimes overlooked by government and police, can get pleasure by reading the writings of some of my very busy critics).

Eusi Kwayana – One of the world’s oldest bloggers, (b. 1925), now writing orally, with computer helpers.